Why Tony Blair ‘probably’ approved the murder of Dr. David Kelly

bliarkillerFor those of you who remember, Dr. David Kelly was a government scientist who, back in the day, refused to acknowledge the entirely bogus claims of the mass murderer, war criminal and friend of Cliff Richard, Tony Blair, that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction.

He, conveniently, wound up dead. In a field. In suspicious circumstances that were, of course, subsequently decided to be suicide.

I can now exclusively reveal that Dr David Kelly was in fact murdered to keep him quiet and that Tony Blair ‘probably’ approved the murder.

I have come to this conclusion after holding a ‘public’ inquiry (which took place in private, you weren’t invited) which took ‘evidence’ (which you’re not allowed to see) from anonymous witness from the secret services.

Now, even if you didn’t know that I had an axe to grind against Blair because I believe him to be the Devil’s Representative on Earth, you would read the above and think ‘what a load of nonsense’, and you would be right to do so.

It’s a shame, then, that our scumbag media can’t display a similar degree of critical acuity.

Faced with exactly the same story-line as my fevered imagination just produced, but instead substituting ‘Litvinenko’ and ‘Putin’, the sad sacks of shit, wank stain so-called journalists that staff our corporately owned means of propaganda, oh, sorry, ‘communication’ proved ever faithful in their mission to promulgate the distorted, dangerous, murderous agenda of their neo-con, One Percent bosses. Led by that den of mediocrity, corruption, nepotism and child abuse, the BBC, they banged on and on and on that Litvinenko had been murdered and how that murder had ‘probably’ been approved by Putin; their evidence? None other than anonymous statements made by anonymous witnesses behind closed doors. So enthusiastic, in fact, were the journalistic scumbags to stick their tongues up the assholes of their One Percent bosses that they didn’t even bother to mention that the ‘report’ produced by the Litvinenko ‘inquiry’ goes on to qualify it’s contention that Putin ‘probably’ approved Litvinenko’s murder by admitting that ‘there is no substantive evidence to support this assertion’.

But, hey, why spoil a good lie? After all, we wouldn’t want anything like the truth to get in the way of the real agenda here: demonisation of Putin and Russia in the run up to the neo-con planned war against Russia.

Just one point before I go. 95% of all journalist are lying scum, there are however, still some journalists doing what journalists are supposed to do, investigating and reporting the truth. You can find this kind of journalism at places like:





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Denmark passes legislation to gas refugees.

arbeitSo, I see on the news today that Denmark has passed legislation that will allow it to gas refugees.

Oops…no, sorry…actually Denmark has passed legislation that will allow it to confiscate jewellery, cash and other valuables from refugees.

But wait…doesn’t that all sound a bit familiar, a bit Kristallnacht, Final Solution, Auschwitz?

Hmm…maybe I wasn’t wrong after all…

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Love is all. The rest ain’t worth a damn.



Life…is a random, cacophonous noise full of screaming and shouting and things that glitter and shine but turn out to be not what they seem.

In all that distracting, attention-seeking noise there is only one indisputable constant: Love. For only Love has true and enduring value.

Success and wealth are fabulous, but they are relative and all too often transitory. And at the end of your story on this earth, when the Blind Old Weaver Of Fate is spinning together the final threads of your life, no matter how much success you’ve gained or how much “stuff” you’ve bought, they will not hold your hand and mop your brow as your Soul prepares to journey across a Broad, Bright, Blue Sky and your life slips inevitably into The Fog of Forgotten Stories. Only Love will hold you firm. Only Love will gather you up to itself and comfort you, whisper sweet words that calm your Soul and speed it on its final journey to That Which Lies Beyond.

Throughout your life and until The Very End, only love will weave that Shining Web Of Gossamer beneath you, to catch you should you fall.

So don’t be distracted by the noise and the bling, by the things that shine so brightly and alluringly, by that which promises much but delivers little. Don’t be tempted by regret, hatred and bitterness; they are harsh masters. Don’t judge yourself, don’t judge others, always walk that mile in another man’s shoes. Be kind, be caring; always share and treasure a caress. Seek to leave behind no bad feeling but rather try to add to the Greater Sum of Happiness because everyone, not least yourself, deserves respect, dignity and a chance at life. Above all, remember that to live this life, and leave this world, having loved and having been loved is all that really matters. The rest ain’t worth a damn.

Taken from my book ‘The Curious Little Book of Extraordinary Big Tales’

“I don’t know where this writer’s been all his life, but I intend to catch up with him, and keep an eye on where he’s headed next…more than compensates for the dozens of clunkers I’ve stumbled on in E-Book World. Bravo, Mr. Hennerly! Stay angry, and keep your books coming!” U.S. REVIEWS
A lonely girl lives her life in the shadow of her more beautiful, more adored sister. Until one day it begins to snow…
A horrible secret is revealed when a fairy’s ‘gift’ shows the Perfect Parents to be anything but perfect…
A man of pure intention realizes that only Love has true value, that the rest ain’t worth a damn…
A unique horror is released upon humanity after the Devil has a bright idea…
An awkward, shy teenage boy suddenly sprouts a huge pair of Angel’s wings…
A beautiful, compassionate, campaigning Princess becomes beloved of the people and meets a tragic, and suspicious, end…
A dignified and proud old lady, haunted by the deafening silence of her life, embarks upon a final journey, and gives her Soul to the wind…

Did you know that a Fairy lives for exactly 897 years and 13 days, that they kidnap human children because they can’t have their own and when they cry, their tears turn into diamonds? Did you know that real Trolls have horns, can run as fast as cheetahs and have a deep and abiding hatred of Bankers?
Did you know that as you read this the Blind Old Weaver Of Fate is Clumsily Spinning Together the course of your life? Did you know that you began your existence as a random handful of atoms, coalescing together after journeying across the vastness of the Universe and when God saw you he was so moved by your beauty that he tore a piece off himself and placed it inside you?
Did you know that where ever you walk, the Devil and his Special Children walk with you and that one day your Soul will Break The Chains Of Earthly Existence to make one last, Incandescent Journey across a Broad, Bright Blue Sky and the Tale That Was Your Life will slowly fade away, to be lost forever in the dense Fog Of Forgotten Stories?

18 tales of magic, mystery, wonder and horror from the magical land of Anywhere.

Available to buy now at:

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Celebrity, Sex and Scandal!

How much do you want celebrity? Would you kill for it? Would you die for it?

Little is known is known about the author of ‘I Really, Really Want It’. We do know he did spent many years working as a PR and ‘fix it’ for celebrities and we do know that among his client list there were many A and even AA list celebs. But that’s it. If the outrageous, scandalous people and incidents described in IRRWI are true or the meanderings of a disturbed and over-active imagination, we simply don’t know. Why the author became disillusioned with the world of celebrity and chose to write this shocking account of that world, we simply don’t know.

reallykdpWe do know however, that ‘I Really, Really Want It’ is one of those once read, never forgotten books. Packed with appallingly dysfunctional characters, graphic violence, scenes of a sexual nature and very bad language it is the most shocking and disturbing insight into the seedy side of celebrity ever written…which probably explains why it vanished from publication for 6 months following a maelstrom of threatened lawsuits.

Read on:


Exactly what is going on with Janey’s teeth?

“A close look into a seemingly insane experience of celebrities and those who wish to be famous. I liked its perspective on humanity and the realistic sneak peek it offers. Dark at times but definitely very entertaining, it shows a variety of characters who deal with being in proximity of fame and the way it twists their lives upside down. Captivating and unique, I would highly recommend this one.” U.S. REVIEWS
Celebrities can behave very, very badly. Meet the man who picks up the pieces. And buries the bodies.

Andrew Manning has spent 20 years masterfully reviving celebrity careers that have been destroyed by scandal, but now some particularly difficult and demanding characters are about strain even his abilities to the limit:

Shelley, model and fashion icon, who’s determined not just to blackmail her husband but also to utterly destroy him.

Joey, an insecure reality TV star, his career is in tatters after launching an expletive-laden attack against the Queen of England but he’s determined to hang on to his celebrity even if it means slowly poisoning himself to death.

Shelley has her own dirty little secret.

Shelley has her own dirty little secret.

The Producer, a king in the world of entertainment and serial abuser of hopeful, young wannabes.

Charlie, morbidly obese, murderous mafiosi adviser to…

Janey, international rock goddess, a celebrity with disturbing eating habits that an ambitious young paparazzo is threatening to reveal to the public.

And then there’s Johnny, Andrew’s partner, a psychopath with a heart of gold who’s on a mission to murder as many celebrities as possible.

Will Andrew be able to reconcile the demands of so many different and desperate characters, or will he just end up dead?

‘I Really, Really Want It’ also features amazing cameo performances from a host of other glittering stars!

“Masterfully debunks the realm of celebrity. A riveting thriller, truly original and distinctive.” (Bookviral.com)

“How much do you want to be famous? “I really, really want it” by Richard Hennerley is an irreverent look at

Never call the Queen a 'c*nt' on live TV

Never call the Queen a ‘c*nt’ on live TV

celebrity life. It explores the dysfunctional world of fame and celebrities, and the imperfect world in which we all live. Anyone that is interested in reading about human nature will enjoy this book…insightful, intelligent, and vibrantly engaging. Highly recommended.” U.S. REVIEWS

“I would tell you to curl up with this book and your favorite beverage, but this wonderful book holds an edge of your seat tale you will not be able to put down, and you will be astonished to find you finished your whole bottle of wine! DO NOT pick up this book until you have a few hours to give to nothing but reading. Celebrity, glitz, glam and murder…this book is a delightful ride!” U.S REVIEWS

“The author does a magnificent job of allowing the reader a dirty sneak peek into the murky world of celebs, (Andy even addresses you, the reader, drawing you in further and making you feel eerily part of it all) creating toxic hateful

Janey has some very disturbing eating habits.

Janey has some very disturbing eating habits.

characters and yet somehow making you like them! I hope there will be more very soon from this writer. It was invigorating to read something that really smacked you around the face and made you think.” U.S REVIEWS

“A fascinating story that deals with the high powered world of celebrities and the main character Andrew Manning is a man who seems to be the master at what he does. The various characters introduced in this one all paint an interesting picture of the dysfunctional celebrity culture and the chaotic events that ensued were really exciting to follow.! U.S. REVIEWS

“A darkly addictive world you won’t soon forget.” (bestthrillers.com)

“Clever prose…bitingly ironic and dark…a fast-paced story that will leave you breathless.” (iamindeed.com)

“Brett Easton-Ellis comes to London…fresh engaging and pushing the boundaries.” (US REVIEWS)

Famous entertainment mogul and serial sexual abuser.

Famous entertainment mogul and serial sexual abuser.

“The pace is breathtaking…hugely entertaining and a great read!” US REVIEWS

“This deliciously dark tale of vile celebrities and wannabes and the sinister people who make and break them had me hooked from the start. Not a journey for the faint hearted or the easily offended, but for those readers who want to get their teeth into something gritty, funny, thought provoking and extremely clever, then look no further. I Really Really Want It is told mostly from the point of view of Andy, right hand man to the stars, and keeper of everyone’s secrets. Other chapters are told from the third person point of view of characters such as the tragic Joey Camps, and Andy’s psychotic other half Johnny. There were parts of this book that shocked me so much I cringed. Other parts made me laugh out loud. Towards the end i found myself genuinely

Charlie. Janey's manager and murderous, mafiosi fat bastard,

Charlie. Janey’s manager and murderous, mafiosi fat bastard.

involved in the characters lives and problems, and when it ended, I wanted more! I want to know what happens next to these vile people! The author therefore does a magnificent job of allowing the reader a dirty sneak peek into the murky world of celebs, (Andy even addresses you, the reader, drawing you in further and making you feel eerily part of it all) creating toxic hateful characters and yet somehow making you like them! I hope there will be more very soon from this writer. It was invigorating to read something that really smacked you around the face and made you think.” UK REVIEWS.

“I read this wonderful romp quite serendipitously really, but I’m so glad I did. I thoroughly enjoyed this black, black satire on Celebrity. Adjectives to describe like ‘biting’ and ‘scathing’ spring to mind. And ‘Stygian,’ although it’s blacker than that. This comedy thriller, feeling to me like a witches’ brew of the Monty Python and Kafkaesque, is totally black: black hole-black. No light escapes from this baby.

It began very well for me when, a few lines in, I spotted my favourite mild expletive: ‘sodding.’ That was my personal hook; I knew instantly that I would like the book and thenceforward it really, really had to be read through to its conclusion, no two ways about it.


Who's the famous chat show host with a bad rentboy habit?

Who’s the famous chat show host with a bad rentboy habit?

As others have commented, the over-the-top, deliciously outrageous characters were vividly drawn and I loved to hate them all. The sympathetic exceptions were tragic Joey, who was painted more as a naive victim of Celebrity and success than self-absorbed monster. And the amoral narrator Andrew, who discovers that there are boundaries which even he baulks at crossing.

I found the killings by psychopathic Johnny a bit eye-watering, but they were entirely right for the tone of the book. The astonishingly creative swearing was a hoot and I was frequently in stitches. I’ll never be able to read the c-word and keep a straight face again.

But then, just when I thought the novel was going to end in a bloodbath of mutually assured destruction, Richard Hennerley changed down to a gentler gear, to end in heart-breaking pathos. I really liked the way, too, in which he addressed and involved the reader, pointing the critical finger at the voyeur. And he’s quite right of course; we’re all complicit, as gawping consumers of the sometimes tawdry underbelly of Celebrity. His final reflections on endings and life were extremely thought-provoking, I thought

I won’t be able to take the word ‘innit’ seriously again, either. But seriously, I really, really do recommend this book. It’s unputdownable! I hope there’ll be more from this author.” UK REVIEWS.

Available to buy at:

Amazon.com $2.99

Amazon.co.uk £1.74

Barnes & Noble $2.99

itunes $2.99

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Scribd FREE with 14 day trial

Inktera £1.74 (PDF)



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An American Tragedy in 361 words.

stripes“2,525 children and teens died by gunfire in [the United States] in 2014; one child or teen death every 3 hours and 28 minutes, nearly 7 a day, 48 a week.” USA Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

This sad and sorry statistic is symptomatic of what America has become: a broken nation that has lost its soul to the corporations. A nation obsessed with, and in love with, violence. A nation where ‘democratic’ elections are decided not by voters, but are bought by the candidate with the most corporate donations. A country where an openly racist, highly militarised police force executes black people for being black. A country with a rotting infrastructure, effective health care only for the rich and an education system that is, quite frankly, a joke. A country that is profoundly unfair and unequal, one in which the 20 richest individuals possess more wealth than the poorest 50% of the population. A country where social mobility has collapsed; no more American dream, if you’re born poor in America, you’ll die poor. A country that has turned imprisoning (poor) people into a profit center. A country with a ramshackle economy that has been so thoroughly raped and undermined by the One Percent that it’s only growth center is war and plundering the resources of other nations. A country where mainstream media pumps out propaganda, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so crude and blatant that it could make even Goebbels blush. A country who’s legislature is owned, bought and paid for by the state of Israel. A nation, not of free individuals defined by common purpose and belief, but of bonded consumers defined by how much ‘stuff’ they can afford to buy. A country that exports its callous, cruel, neo-con violence and ‘American exceptionalism’ across the world, spreading war and death to everything it touches. A nation that condemns ‘Islamic’ terrorism yet finances, trains and arms ISIS as a tool of American foreign policy. A nation ruled by mad men who believe American can fight and win a ‘limited’ nuclear war. A country that threatens every living thing on Earth. The Evil Empire.

God Bless America.

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The Human Condition.

same2The human condition is such that:

You won’t understand the grace, power and beauty of your youth until many years after it has gone.

You’ll fail at some things and consider it failure and not a natural learning process.

You’ll betray those you love, whether by thought or word or deed.

You’ll forget how blessed you are, focusing only on the bad.

You’ll invest time and energy worrying about things that’ll never happen when, in truth, it’s the unexpected stuff that’ll really mess you up.

You’ll compare yourself to others and find yourself wanting. Wrong.

You’ll compare yourself to others and consider yourself better than them. Wrong.

You’ll judge people without having first walked a mile in their shoes.

You’ll waste life by trying to live yours through the eyes of others, letting their expectations and prejudices prevent you living the life you were meant to live and being the person you were supposed to be.

You won’t understand that you are a unique and beautiful creation, but no more (or less) unique or beautiful than anyone else.

You’ll cross to the other side of the road when you see others who need help, because it’s all too much trouble.

You’ll chase money and sex and drugs and power without chasing life itself.

You’ll never truly understand the pure depth and strength of the transcendent love God gave you when he tore a piece off himself and placed it inside of you, that piece of God being your soul.

You’ll be unsympathetic to the elderly, not realising that you, too, will grow old and weak and sick.

You’ll be impatient with the young, forgetting that you, too, were a child once.

You’ll be unaware that life is short, that every day lived is a day less to live, that every day you do something that you love, is a day less to do the things that you love.

You’ll expect others to behave in a particular way and become angry when they don’t, even though you have no right to impose your expectations on others.

You’ll never have enough. You’ll always want more.

You’ll live your life in the past and the future, but not today.

You’ll be wise and beautiful and kind and loving, but you’ll also be stupid, shallow and wilfully cruel.

You’ll forget what you owe and to whom, but talk a lot about what you’re owed.

You won’t see that you’re made of the same stuff as your neighbour, travelling on the same journey and going to the same place; we’re all different but we’re also all the same.

You’ll live your life just as fallible, fucked up and human as the next person.

That’s what we do, us people, it’s what we do.

theDevilcover2If you liked this short piece you’ll definitely like my collection of short stories ‘The Curious Little Book of Extraordinary Big Tales’.

A lonely girl lives her life in the shadow of her more beautiful, more adored sister. Until one day it begins to snow…
A horrible secret is revealed when a fairy’s ‘gift’ shows the Perfect Parents to be anything but perfect…
A man of pure intention realizes that only Love has true value, that the rest ain’t worth a damn…
A unique horror is released upon humanity after the Devil has a bright idea…
An awkward, shy teenage boy suddenly sprouts a huge pair of Angel’s wings…
A beautiful, compassionate, campaigning Princess becomes beloved of the people and meets a tragic, and suspicious, end…
A dignified and proud old lady, haunted by the deafening silence of her life, embarks upon a final journey, and gives her Soul to the wind…

Why do Trolls hate Bankers? Why did The Devil invent 4 o’clock in the morning? Why do Fairies steal children, and what do they do with them? 18 tales of magic, mystery, wonder and terror from the mythical land of Anywhere.


Amazon.com $0.99

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If we’re going to bomb Syria, shouldn’t we also bomb Saudi Arabia?


ISIS…who’s really pulling the strings?

It looks like Dave ‘Pig-Love’ Cameron is going to get his way in his desperate desire for the UK to join in bombing Syria. Okay, fair enough, I get it, Dave, I really do; the psychotic, blood-drinking, Israeli-financed, neo-con cabal of fascist nutjobs that passes for the ‘democratically’ elected government of the United States has told you that you have to do it, and if you don’t there’ll be no lucrative executive directorships with the likes of J P Morgan and Goldman Sachs and no huge advance for your dull-as-a-grey-day-in-Scunthorpe auto-biography. And, Dave, I also understand that you’re feeling distinctly disadvantaged in the huge-blood-stained-dick-waving-warmonger stakes when viewed against Tony ‘I bathe in the blood of Children’ Blair. I mean, for fucks sake, Tony managed to wipe out at least half a million kids in Iraq and you’ve managed a good start with Libya, but you’re still nowhere near Tony’s kill rate.

Yes, Dave, mate, I perfectly understand all that and I accept that your right to personal enrichment ranks way, way above dead children and the risk of starting a third world war.

But..yeh, there’s a but, Dave, me old chum…I do have to raise one small point. If we’re going to bomb Syria, shouldn’t we also bomb Saudi Arabia?

You see, you want this nation to bomb Syria with the aim of destroying ISIS who are, apparently, a threat to our security and a bunch of really rather unpleasant murderers. The ‘threat to our security’ bit I’ll come back to later, the unpleasantness of ISIS and the desirability of vapourising them out of existence, okay, I’m up for that…but then I come back to my original question…shouldn’t we do the same to the Saudi’s because, I’ll be honest, Dave, I’m hard-pressed to see the difference between the two? Let me explain.

ISIS, it seems, treats women like dirt, rapes them and sells them into slavery. In Saudi Arabia, a woman has slightly less rights than a farm animal. Once she’s married, she’s owned by the husband who dictates her life totally. She has to wonder around with a sack on her head (sorry, burka) and isn’t allowed out the house unaccompanied. Rape in marriage is perfectly fine and if a Saudi bloke buys in a new 14 year old girl as a sex-slave (presumably from, yeh, you got it, ISIS) and decides he’s bored with little wifey he can divorce her via text message, take the kids and leave her with nothing. Oh, and if a woman gets raped in Saudi Arabia, well then, that’s her fault…the slut was showing her ankles, after all…and she faces being prosecuted for committing adultery and, ultimately, being buried in the ground with just her head showing, and stoned to death.

ISIS has a reputation for savagery, beheadings and all that. But, Dave, they’re amateurs in the beheading stakes compared to Saudi Arabia. So far, this year alone, the Saudi’s have beheaded 151 people and, as I write this, they’re planning to behead 50 people at once in a kind of super family fun day out, bumper, beheading fiesta party! The Saudi’s even sentenced a 17 year old boy (for the grave crime of protesting against the regime) to death by beheading AND crucifixion (I’m not making this up, Dave, I’m really not).

ISIS don’t believe in democracy. Well, Dave, aside from the fact that you don’t either (come on, Dave, geezer, there’s only me here, you can be honest…) I’m not aware that Saudi Arabia is a democracy. It’s a repressive, medieval monarchy isn’t it? And as for what they do to anyone foolish enough to challenge the status quo? Read the above paragraph again.

ISIS is a direct threat to us. Hmm, Dave, mate, much as I respect you and that public school education of yours, I have to say I find that a bit difficult to believe that one. I mean, let’s be honest, a bunch of ISIS chaps are hardly going to jump in a dinghy, peddle across the Med, up the Thames and a launch an attack in Piccadilly Square, are they? What could happen, though, Dave, is that a bunch of sexually inadequate, mentally retarded, BRITISH young people influenced by ISIS’s poisonous ideology may well launch that self-same attack in Piccadilly Square.

And whilst we’re talking about poisonous ideologies…you are aware, aren’t you Dave, that ISIS’s ideology takes it’s inspiration from Islamo-fascist Wahhabi doctrines? Wahhabism is the brutal, fundamentalist, divisive, oppressive form of Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia, which is it has spent billions of dollars on promulgating throughout the Muslim world for decades now. You’re also aware, aren’t you, Dave, that ISIS is actually financed by Saudi Arabia (and Qatar, and Turkey, but that’s another story…), just as the (mostly) Saudi Arabian 9/11 hijackers were also in receipt of Saudi Arabian money (hence why the 28 pages of the 2002 U.S. Joint Congressional Inquiry on 9/11 relating to that issue are still kept secret to this day).

So, I rest my case, Dave. If you’re going to bomb Syria to keep us safe from ISIS you should also bomb Saudi Arabia, which is just as brutal ISIS, which is the source of it’s beliefs and which pays for it.

What’s that, Dave, you can’t bomb Saudi Arabia? But, Dave, you know everything I’ve said is true, so why not? What’s that, speak up, Dave. They spend lot’s of money on what? Oh, I hear you know, they spend billions on Western weapons. Ahh, damn, yes, you’re right as always, Dave, they do spend billions and billions on weapons. Silly me. Fair enough, best just forget everything I’ve said, Dave, and get those bombs ready for Syria!

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